Monitoring and Evaluation

The current competitive atmosphere nationally and globally makes it imperative for organizations to understand what really works and if it is replicable, what does not and the reasons why not. This helps organizations to allocate their limited resources to the most effective and beneficial programs and policies. Successful programs can be replicated under the appropriate conditions.

GBSI is strong in its evaluation expertise. We are a highly analytical firm, what with licensed engineers, Ivy-League MBAs and certified accountants, performing MBA-type analyses such as SWOT analysis, Porter’s Five Forces, Competitor Analysis, benchmark development (including best practices) and systematic quality assurance. We use highly technical and structured methods, including various survey tools and quantitative analysis. We are adept at data collection and analysis: focus group design and facilitation, key informant interviews, sampling and questionnaire design, survey design, data analysis and implementation, qualitative analysis, development and application of logic models. We also have the ability to communicate and disseminate evaluation results to diverse stakeholders and audiences.

GBSI has designed and implemented monitoring and evaluation systems for diverse clients including USAID, EPA, Ginnie Mae (GNMA), HUD and private entities. While GBSI works collaboratively with all stakeholders - clients, managers, consultants and implementing partners, etc. to design effective performance monitoring programs - we have found that the best programs have feedback mechanisms that incorporate lessons learned continuously.

GBSI has employed the following in delivering its client services:

  • Establish appropriate metrics/indicators to measure/manage objectives
  • Develop baseline and other performance indicators
  • Identify/Clarify program objectives and goals
  • Identify data needs and sources; data collection methods and strategies