Management Solutions for Development

GBSI applies innovative approaches to identify management tools necessary to improve performance in both public and private sector entities. Working alongside stakeholders, we adapt such management tools to fit situations based on our rigorous analysis and studies.  Such tools and implementation can include change management design, business process re-engineering, technology solutions, and institutional development support.  The change management can usher critical changes to improve organizational effectiveness.  The re-engineering can reduce and/or eliminate inefficient processes, reduce corruption opportunities, improve organizational performance and maximize resource utilization.  
Managing Change: Change management uses basic structures and tools to control any organizational change effort. The goal is to maximize benefits and minimize the change impacts on workers and avoid distractions. However implementing any changes – be it a new system or process - is a difficult task.  GBSI helps clients to develop comprehensive approaches to change management, including mission changes, strategic changes, operational changes, technological changes and helping leaders and all stakeholders to implement the changes from inception to completion. 

Business Process Re-engineering:GBSI’s business process improvement and re-engineering service aims to streamline operations and eliminate inefficiencies. We first analyze the process, map its structure, identify inefficiencies, and craft changes for improvement. GBSI uses industry best practices, tools and proven methodologies for process improvement to streamline work processes and procedures to achieve significant improvement in quality, time management, and cost. We provide a feedback loop for continuous process improvement. Our tools include among others, the William Deming methodology for quality management, the Balanced Score Card, Michael Porter’s Five Forces, etc.

Information and Communication Technology:  GBSI keeps itself up to date and current on best of classICT solutions and offers specialized modernization services to its clients.

Institutional Strengthening: GBSI works with organizations to develop their missions, visions and strategic plans to manage change and to improve productivity.  We work to ensure the right people are in the right places and the appropriate systems are employed all to improve institutional performance.