Energy and Infrastructure

Energy and infrastructure are very critical for economic development in developing economies.  They are even more critical especially for post-conflict countries as affordable energy can drive economic growth.   Thus to help accelerate economic growth, GBSI works with governments to streamline their processes by modernizing energy sector policies, developing and enhancing policy and regulatory frameworks, and building capacity within various utilities and regulatory entities.  GBSI works on the appropriate enabling environment, institutional strengthening, human and other resources to implement any changes to facilitate participation of the private sector in energy and infrastructure planning and development.

GBSI’s Infrastructure Advisory Services focus on the transport, energy, water and wastewater sectors. Advisory services include project planning and design, public-private partnerships, project financing, structured financing, capital restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic planning and financial planning.

Enabling Environment: GBSI evaluates energy sector and infrastructure policies to help governments develop cogent regulatory, policy, legal, and regulatory frameworks. This improves governance and performance and increases private sector participation and investment in energy and infrastructure.
Institutional Strengthening and Utility Management: We enhance the operational and commercial performance of public and private sector energy institutions, including electric power utilities as well as water and sewer authorities.
Energy Infrastructure: We assist in energy sector infrastructure project. We have tremendous specialized experience in rehabilitation of energy infrastructure in post-conflict and post-disaster countries.
Green Energy: GBSI works with governments and partners to find viable green/renewable energy solutions.  For rural communities, we explore off-grid renewable energy solutions, and help with the design and implementation of such solutions.