Economic Growth & Development

Economic growth and development are critical when it comes to poverty reduction. GBSI focuses on developing innovative and sustainable approaches to deliver effective economic development programs and solutions.  Small businesses and the agricultural sector value chains play critical roles in sustainable development.  GBSI thus works to improve market access both domestic and international, develop ideas to foster alliances among companies, and expand access to finance which happens to be a major problem for small businesses in developing economies.  We also focus on workforce productivity as we design our programs to maximize impact and promote sustainable economic growth. Our programs encompass value chain development and strengthening, enterprise development, improving business enabling environments, and increasing trade and investment.
Value Chain Development: GBSI strengthens the capabilities of players in the value chain from input suppliers to end retailers alleviating or minimizing productive constraints, enhancing market information flows, and increasing access to quality inputs. 
Enterprise Development and Competitiveness: We work with local enterprises in key value chains to improve production, processing, management, and marketing.  We also introduce international quality standards to increase enterprise competitiveness and profitability.

Business Enabling Environment: We take pride in partnering with host-country governments to reform business environments, streamline business procedures, and encourage operational transparency to improve the competitiveness of countries, industries, and companies in domestic and global markets.

Infrastructure Development: To improve market access and promote local investment, we work with local partners to develop and sustain infrastructure projects such as classrooms, health centers, electricity and water systems, ports, bridges, and roads, and airports. Please See Energy and Infrastructure

GBSI’s Economic Growth Advisory Services include project planning and design, public-private partnerships, project financing, structured financing, capital restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic planning and financial planning.