Energy and Infrastructure Advisory Services

Global’s Infrastructure Advisory Services focus on the transport, energy, water and wastewater sectors. Advisory services include project planning and design, public-private partnerships, project financing, structured financing, capital restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic planning and financial advice.

Roberts International Airport, Robertsfield, Liberia

Global has personnel from Applied Experience Associates Inc. (AEAI) who represent over 100 years of international experience in public works, oil marketing, manufacturing, governmental issues, infrastructure, and higher education. Global presents a very formidable team of experts. We present some of our experts below:

Robert O’Neill, P.E.

Robert O’Neill was the former Group President & CEO of the Parsons Corporation. One of the world’s leading authorities on transit & transportation systems, he has extensive experience in the organization, planning, design and implementation of large and complex infrastructure programs worldwide, using both traditional and design/build methods of procurement. His experience in the planning, design, and implementation of major transportation projects, includes urban transportation systems, highways, railroads, airports and other transportation-related facilities, both domestic and international, . He led the team that developed the $11 billion Washington, D.C. METRO and the Northeast Corridor Rail Improvement Project. Mr. O’Neill has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Notre Dame, M.S. Civil Engineering from the Catholic University of America, and attended the University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business. He is a registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) in the District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, and New York.

Joe Motherall, P.E.

Joe Motherall is a corporate officer and project manager with more than 30 years of extensive technical and management experience in the design and construction of highways and transportation systems; corporate responsibilities for power, process and infrastructure projects. Experience includes planning, design, and construction management; project, business and client development in the United States, East Asia and Middle East. He was Vice President at De Leuw Cather, Executive Vice President Parsons Polytech, and Vice President Parsons Overseas Company with corporate and regional responsibilities including joint ventures. He was also involved in transportation, environmental and public works projects as project manager and project developer. He got his B.S. in Civil Engineering from the Colorado State University and M.S. in Systems Management from the University of Southern California. He studied Computer Programming at the Northeastern University, attended Southern Polytechnic State University in Atlanta for ISO 9001; 2000 Lead Auditor Course and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineering Officers School and Extension School. He is a registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New York.

Quincey Lumsden

Quincey Lumsden was a U.S. Foreign Service Officer who served in the Department of State’s Bureau of Near Easternand South Asian Affairs in Washington, as well as at diplomatic posts in Turkey, Germany, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, and France. In addition to Middle East political issues, his work concentrated upon energy, finance, and trade policy. His distinguished diplomatic career with 38 years in the Middle East culminated in his stint as ambassador to the United Arab Emirates. He served as Director of Oil Marketing for the International Energy Commission in Paris where he was responsible for coordination of multilateral energy policies and initiatives. He was Managing Director of the Gulf-South Asia Gas Project (GUSA) sponsored by Crescent Petroleum TransCanada Pipelines, Brown & Root, and Itochu. GUSA was the first workable scheme for producing, transmitting by pipeline and delivering natural gas from Qatar to Pakistan and eventually other parts of the Indian subcontinent. Mr Lumsden holds a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University in and pursued graduate work at Georgetown University following his national service in the U.S. Navy.

Jim O’Hearn

Was president of a chemical company in Taiwan and as such was responsible for product marketing and development all over East Asia.