Health and Human Services – Management Operations Review

GBSI performed a management operations review for three high-profile presidential-mandated faith-based grant programs. We completed the following steps to monitor the programs:

• Reviewed the current state of the effected organizations, their missions and Structures as well as their Systems and Staff for expectations, e.g., for legislative conformity and/or management requirements and reporting standards.

• Analyzed previous government reviews of ACF and comparable organizations for performance standards: PART, OMB, GAO, among others.

• Updated earlier findings on the three grant programs for ACF as well as their grant and project processes and procedures through interviews and documentation study

• Compared the ACF program, grant and project teams to comparable groups within USG or state governments to determine best practices

• Compared the three grant programs and their project teams to comparable groups in the private sector to determine best practices

• Delineated findings and recommendations for piloting new processes and procedures in a final report.