USAID - Roberts International Airport, Monrovia, Liberia


USAID Africa Bureau, USAID Monrovia Mission, Liberia Civil Aviation Authority, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Public Works and other Government Officials.

Key Results & Outcomes

Developed new pricing structure based on revised weight classes, recommended new policies including organizational structure that was implemented, developed new Standard Operating Procedures that have also been implemented.

GBSI, as a subcontractor to SEGURA/IP3 LLC, was tasked to review the existing pricing structure, organization structure, staffing levels and benchmarks for right/down sizing, assess training needs, costs and facilitators, and evaluate RIA Standard Operating Procedures.

• Revenues – evaluated aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenues including landing, handling, approach procedures and passenger service fees. Recommendations included rationalizing the weight classes for landing fees, boosting the landing and other fees – passenger service fees, lighting fees, parking fees, etc. to reflect charges in the region.

• Policies – evaluated policies and procedures pertaining to safety and security, passenger and cargo services to ensure conformance with ICAO and IATA standards. Recommended staff training and additional equipment to enhance security.

• Organization Structure and Staffing – redefined and drew up a new organization structure. Evaluated the mission, vision and strategies for RIA and each of its groups/departments. Recommended new strategies, positions to be eliminated and those to be filled by suitably qualified outside candidates. New organizational structure has been implemented. Assessed training needs and quantified attendant costs.

• Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) – recommended a separate technical assistance project to evaluate and develop the SOPs given the details involved. Review of the current procedures showed several key components were missing.