Mentor-Protégé with Cardno Emerging Markets USA and SiloSmashers

GBSI is one of the early companies to be in the USAID Mentor-Protégé Program with Cardno Emerging Markets USALimited, as its mentor. With nearly 30 years of experience serving donor clients (e.g., USAID, DFID, the European Commission, the Global Fund, the World Bank and the Millennium Challenge Corporation), private clients and partner governments, Cardno Emerging Markets USA applies business expertise to strengthen physical, economic and social infrastructures to help improve peoples’ lives.

Cardno's Emerging Markets Division manages US$700 million in contracts and grants. Cardno Emerging Markets USA now has expanded capabilities in physical infrastructure with access to the engineering competencies of Cardno professionals. Cardno's Emerging Markets Division has a network of 3,000 international professionals who have lived or worked in over 100 countries and speak more than 40 languages.

GBSI has another Mentor-Protégé relationship with SiloSmashers under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Program.  SiloSmashers leverages its highly-valued, Peak Performance® methodology with government clients, to transform departments, agencies, and programs, to achieve optimized operational efficiency. SiloSmashers is ISO 9001 certified and is currently managing several contracts in Project Management, Technology and Portfolio Management.